This training grant is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, with the European Social Fund in order to make accessible the ongoing professional development.

From 2010, this premium has increased and the language course, to which you choose to join, will be refunded by up to 50%, with a maximum value of 500 Euros.

All people employed or self-employed, among others, may use this benefit once a year, requesting it quickly and without bureaucratic assistance. For more information call toll free 0800 2623-000, and make an appointment for advice free of charge. You can find information on the link, – or get in touch with us. We will advise you with pleasure.

This subsidy This benefit for training can be used for intensive courses in language, language testing or preparation for exams
Who receives this benefit?
If your annual taxable income is up to 25,600 Euros or, if jointly with your spouse the income is up to 51.200 Euros. If you have German citizenship or a valid permit of work for Germany.