Linguistic Offer

Language courses for adults, students and pupils in Oberursel Taunus

We offer different types of courses in each language. In our classes, we offer our students responsibility, security and transparency in the material and the competence of our teachers. If you want to prepare for an examination or diploma, we offer a wide range of options and materials that will be at your disposal. If you want to get out of holiday, we offer authentic models tailored to your holiday. Also, if you want to attend an international trade fair, if you need to write e-mails and letters for your work, or talk on the phone with customers in other countries, we will provide you guidance and training in the business world. In addition, we work with topics such as medicine, tourism, foreign trade, economy, audit etc. We offer conversation courses about culture, society and current politics.

– German in Oberursel

– Spanish in Oberursel

– English in Oberursel

and other languages according to your needs.

The following skills are learned in every course:

Understanding of oral interaction
Oral expression

The grammatical, lexical and phonetical aspects of the languages are exercised. The grammatical aspects, lexical, phonetic and spelling of different languages are also exercised. All students will receive a certificate when they complete their courses.


We have designed the courses to suit different learning styles and rhythms as well as the different needs of each student. The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages helps both language learners and teachers through a global scale with a total of six levels of comprehension and comparability.