Welcome to Oberursel

Our school is located 25 minutes from the city centre of Frankfurt in a quiet and cozy atmosphere. The infrastructure is fully modern, thereby providing an optimal environment for learning. The school has access to an excellent transportation network. 5 S-Bahn and U-Bahn 3. The courses we deliver have a high degree of effectiveness and are oriented towards the individual needs of each student. These courses are aimed at people who want to learn, maintain, or improve their level of Portuguese. We offer intensive and extensive courses of 20 and 30 hours a week at the school, in companies or banks, also as educational leave (Bildungsurlaub), weekend courses, conversation courses, “Living at your teacher´s house” courses, individual courses or group courses.
The courses start every Monday except for holidays; all teachers are native speakers, have many years of experience in the teaching of the Portuguese as foreign language (Brazil and Portugal), have university education and frequently conduct continuing-education courses.
For people who live in Germany please read the Bildungsurlaub & Bildungsprämie menu. Please, contact us if you need any further information.