“English, Spanish, German (DaF), French and other foreign languages”

Learning or improvement of languages is a useful tool in a globalized and modern world. Companies and banks increasingly work in multinational teams; therefore, communication with customers and partners is necessary. For this reason, an official diploma of languages is an important complement to any professional career. In our school, you can prepare in order to obtain one of these academic recognitions, because many companies consider them reliable accreditation of your knowledge.

A1 German are recognised for the immigrants (VISA) joining their spouse in Germany.

A1 preparation german courses: With us you lern the necesary languages specific skills that the examination as well as möglisch make, we advice you competent.

The EU Social Funds, through the Ministry of Education and Research, deliver to people up to 500 Euros per year for this purpose. If you want to prepare to take one of these tests, we will tell you how to obtain this benefit.


-TestDaF (Test German as a foreign language)
-ZDfB      (Certificate of German for work)
-DSH       (Tests of proficiency for academic admission)
-PWD      (Test German for Economics)


  • Start Deutsch 1 / telc Deutsch A1
  • Star Deutsch A1 ist also recognized for spouses
  • Start Deutsch 2 / telc Deutsch A2
  • Telc Deutsch A2+ Beruf
  • Deutsch-Test für Zuwanderer A2 / B1
  • Deutsch-Test für Zuwanderer A2 / B1 Jugendintegrationskurs
  • Zertifikat Deutsch / telc Deutsch B1
  • Zertifikat Deutsch für Jugendliche / telc Deutsch B1 Schule
  • Telc Deutsch B1+ Beruf
  • Telc Deutsch B2
  • Zertifikat Deutsch für den Beruf / telc Deutsch B2 Beruf
  • Telc Deutsch B2 + Beruf
  • Telc Deutsch C1
  • Telc Deutsch C1 Hochschule


– Spanish language as a foreign language diploma  (D.E.L.E.) Basic and Advanced.
– Certificate of Spanish for business (Madrid- Spain Chamber of industries)
– Unicert I y II.
– CELU (Spanish use and language certificate) Argentina.


  • telc Español A1
  • telc Español A2
  • telc Español A2 Escuela
  • telc Español B1
  • telc Español B1 Escuela
  • telc Español B2
  • telc Español B2 Escuela


– Cambridge examination PET (Lower Intermediate)
– Cambridge examination
FCE (Upper Intermediate)
– Cambridge
examination CAE (Advanced Lower)
– Toefl (
Test of English as a Foreign Language) United States and Canada


TELC English A1
TELC English A2
TELC English A2 School
TELC English A2-B1
TELC English B1
TELC English B1 Business

TELC English B1 Hotel y Restaurant
TELC English B1 School
TELC English B2 Business
TELC English B2 Technical
TELC English B2 School
TELC English C1


– DELF/CAF (Diplome d’Etudes de Langue Fracaise)


– TELC Francés A1 General
– TELC Francés A2 General
– TELC Francés A2 School
– TELC Francés B1 General
– TELC Francés B1 School
– TELC Francés B1 Business
– TELC Francés B2 General